Painting Night

Painting group Once in a while the members of the Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre (plus a few inspired friends) get together to explore how meditation can unleash one's inner creativity - in the form of painting.

Sri Chinmoy coined the term 'Jharna-Kala', or fountain-art in his native Bengali to describe his own painting, and to emphasize that it comes not from any mental construction, but indeed flows straight from the source of all creativity - the aspiring heart. To read more about Sri Chinmoy's painting, click here....

Colm and Vinny After some initial setting up and a short meditation we soon set to work. No painting took longer than 3 or 4 minutes to complete - the aim was to stay in the heart rather than the deliberating mind. The floor soon became covered in brightly covered drawings. In the words of Ivan, a newcomer to this kind of painting - "it was just like my best meditations". Enough said.

Colm's hand

Colm, of course, wasn't content to just paint on the paper...


Here are some of the results: we would like to think that the brightness of these pictures is indicative of the brightness in our hearts!



For more paintings, see our gallery, where you can compare our efforts to those from a previous painting night, and see if we've improved...