Our Centre

The Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre is more than just a meditation space for its members; it also provides an opportunity for us to bring a meditative awareness into everything that we do.

girl mongoliaUnlike the sages of the ancient past who chose to meditate secluded away from the world, Sri Chinmoy's philosophy sees meditation as a way of accepting the world around us. By meditating regularly, we find that meditation naturally extends into our daily activities and gives them a new inner depth.

We may not be able to meditate 24 hours a day, but we can try to keep the inner flame gained throughout meditation alive during the day. To this end, Sri Chinmoy always encouraged his students to blend meditation with other disciplines - singing, athletics, creativity - that sustain the inner momentum of meditation and help spread its fragrance throughout the day.

Daily meditation

The cornerstone of Sri Chinmoy's path is our daily meditation. We meditate every day individually and meet together twice a week for group meditations at our respective Centres. Meditation is most important because it means that at least once a day, we are in touch with our soul, the very core of our being. The soul’s light over time illumines our fears, doubts, anxiety, tension, and all the other negative behavioural habits that we have accrued, and these limitations slowly start to peel away like the layers of an onion, leaving only the higher qualities of the soul - peace, joy, love, gratitude and fulfilment. This process allows us to grow into our true selves and discover our real purpose in life. You can read more in our meditation section, which included information on our free meditation classes and a meditation Q&A section.

Sri Chinmoy wrote over 1,500 books covering all aspects of the search for the true self, which serve as an invaluable guide for his students on the meditation journey.

Songs of the Soul

pix boy singingSri Chinmoy felt that in the spiritual life, singing is next to meditation. The songs we sing are mostly selected from the more than 20,000 songs Sri Chinmoy composed from the depths of his meditation. Such music resonates readily with the soul, making it an easy and joyful way to enter into a meditation.

Such songs can be used to lift us out of states of depression, loneliness, insecurity and all the other limitations that bind us. They can also help expand our higher more illumined feelings of gratitude, divine love and inner peace.


Healthy body = healthy everything else

As meditation students, we try to keep in good shape, as a healthy body can be of considerable help in making meditative progress. We are all vegetarian, and also we try to keep ourselves fit to in order to keep the body energetic and free from lethargy. In addition, sports also provides an opportunity to overcome our limited perceptions of what we are capable of, and expand our horizons further and further. Over the years, Sri Chinmoy vividly demonstrated this to us through his remarkable achievements in running and weightlifting, and some of his students have, through their athletic achievements, provided powerful proof of how the inner life can expand our belief in what is possible in the outer life. Read more...


pix girl readingSri Chinmoy also encouraged his students as they expanded their creative apacities using their newly-found inner wealth gained from meditation. There are many exceptional musicians on Sri Chinmoy's path, and you can listen to music fom Sri Chinmoy and his students on Radio Sri Chinmoy. We also have our fair share of writers, artists and photographers: the Inspiration-Letters section of this site is a very good showcase of some of our best writing talent, and you can see art and photography by our members from all around the world on the Sri Chinmoy Centre Gallery. We also often improvise pieces of spiritual theatre here in the Dublin Centre.

The power of giving

pix selfless serviceOne of the beautiful things about meditation is that, with increased self-awareness, one begins to realise that you are only truly satisfied when you are trying to make other people happy. When we give of ourselves, our heart expands, and we feel something of the deep and beautiful interconnectedness we share with our fellow inhabitants on this earth. Sri Chinmoy asked his students to spend at least some time every day doing something that is not just for oneself, and this "selfless service" can take many forms, such as offering free meditation classes, organising athletic events for the general public, or organising deliveries of humanitarian aid. This kind of service allows us to see how the inner peace and happiness derived from daily meditation can flow naturally to the world around us through our own poise, a smile and a few kind words.

In many places around the world (not Dublin as of yet unfortunately :( ), some of Sri Chinmoy's students have come together to set up a little enterprise, such as a coffee shop, a music store or a restauraunt. As well as being a space where people can work in a meditative atmosphere, they also offer members of the general public an oasis of calm where they can take some time away from the busy world.

A meditative community

Those who have been to a meditation group before know how meditating together can definitely help you go deeper within and have better meditations. In addition, a meditation group is a valuable source of support to share any experiences or problems you might be having with your meditation.

As well as our Centre in Dublin, we are also part of a global family of over 7,000 students around the world. Twice a year, Sri Chinmoy would invite his students to visit him for a couple of weeks in New York where he lived until his passing in October 2007 - we still make those trips now and catch up with all our friends from around the world, as well as experience the meditative power that our teacher embodied, still as strong as ever even though he has left his earthly frame. You can read more about what happens during our visits...


Many students of Sri Chinmoy have their own personal spaces on this site, and they write very eloquently about living a meditative life under the guidance of a teacher such as Sri Chinmoy:
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  • On her own personal site Sumangali.org, Sumangali Morhall from York in England charts a journey of increasingly seeing the extraordinary in ordinary things...
  • Ashrita Furman has been Sri Chinmoy's student since 1970. Since 1978, Ashrita has been using his meditative strengths in a most unusual and inspiring way - by breaking Guinness World Records! He now has more records than anyone else on the planet. His personal site is at ashrita.com, where he has recently started a very entertaining blog...
  • Nirbhasa Magee from the Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre has his own site at nirbhasa.net where he publishes lots of articles on meditation and self-discovery, as well as his own personal blog...
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