Festival of Meditation, September-October 2010


This year, our festival brought a new lineup of talks and workshops and concerts, as well as yoga classes and documentaries!


For those of you who missed it, this was our festival lineup:


Evening Talks

mangala-web.jpgThe Joy of Self-Discovery
Speaker: Mangala

Meditation is well known for promoting stillness and clarity; it can also uncover a joy that comes from the deepest part of your being.


nirbhasa-web.jpgMeditation: The Practical Problem-Solver
Speaker: Nirbhasa Magee

Meditation is often thought of as an escape from the world - however this ancient art can instead be used to rise above life’s challenges and come out smiling!

sadanand-web.jpgThe Power of Mantra
Speaker: Sadanand Magee

One of the oldest forms of meditation, and one of the easiest for beginners to start with. Introducing a wide variety of mantric chants and songs, ancient and modern, from cultures all over the world.

Weekend Workshops

Meditation: Spontaneous Creation
Speaker: Kanala Auer

In this 3-hour workshop, musician and art teacher Kanala Auer demonstrates how meditation can unlock the spontaneous flow of creativity that we all have within.

Music and Meditation
Speakers: Kanala Auer and Sadanand Magee

Music allows us to travel within and explore the deepest realms of being - our final workshop teaches simple exercises through music, with intervals of live meditation music performances.

Other events

Friday 1 Oct 8pm
Documentary Screening: Spirit of a Runner

A 30 min film exploring the world of meditator and distance runner Suprabha Beckjord, as she attempts the world’s longest race, the 3100 Mile Self-Transcendence Race.

Saturday 2 Oct 10-12am
Yoga Workshop:  Asanas for Meditation

Yoga and meditation have a shared history going back millenia - yoga teachers Rajnandini and Elena show how one can move from the physical postures of yoga to discover the inner joys of meditation.

Saturday 2 Oct 7-8pm
Meditation Concert

Kanala Auer (sitar) and Sadanand Magee (tabla) explore the music of meditation master Sri Chinmoy in Indian classical style.



If you missed our festival; not to worry - we regularly give free meditation classes throughout the year - to find out more get in touch with us via our contact form

We also give occasional classes in Cork and Galway.