A new Centre for Dublin!

The Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre is seven years old - and is celebrating its anniversary by moving to a new location right in the centre of Dublin.

As well as our new meditation room, there will also be a yoga studio. We've been spending the last four weeks doing up the place - knocking and rebuilding partitions, plastering, wiring, buliding shelves and units... the list was endless. We were on a tight deadline - we had advertised free meditation classes at the end of May, and we needed to have a room ready in which to hold them!

Fortunately we got a little help near the end with the arrival of some friends from the Cambridge Sri Chinmoy Centre. They are also looking for a similar place in the heart of Cambridge and came over looking for a little inspiration. We soon had them kept busy - as you can see, half the floor isn't put down and the classes are only two days away!

With the installation of floor and lights, the room began to take shape very quickly. Just a little cleaning up and we're ready to inaugurate our new centre with a meditation...

We had a very nice meditation followed by an impromptu spiritual play by the boys. The Cambridge folk had planes to catch, but not before a few group photos were taken. We'd really like to thank everyone from Cambridge for coming over; their enthusiasm helped push us over the finish line.


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