Doing things together

Most of our Centres around the world can't offer public events due to the pandemic, but this time has given us the opportunity to focus on deepening our spiritual practice, and spending time together where health guidelines allow.

A joy day in Serbia

Sri Chinmoy would often have us come together for Joy Days - gatherings where we would meditate and do lots of spiritual things, but also have fun and delight in each other's company. So we have been finding ways to do that....

During our Joy Days, we put on a lot of music, poetry and theatre performances for each other

Luckily for us, much of our Joy Days are spent in the outdoors anyway - we play sports and games, and go for hikes in the mountains.

Joy day in the Ural Mountains, Russia


The beautiful Lake Atitlan is a regular Joy Day destination for our Guatemalan members. Sri Chinmoy visited this beautiful lake in 1997

Past-incarnation fancy dress

Sri Chinmoy always encouraged his Australian and New Zealand students to do things together, so once the 'travel bubble' between Australia and New Zealand was established, a Joy Day quickly followed. This particular joy day, everyone was asked to appear in fancy dress, representing their past incarnation (or what they thought/wished they were in their past incarnation)

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