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Learn to paint from within in this one and a half hour workshop

2007-10-19 07:45 PM 2007-10-19 09:15 PM 2007-10-19 from 07:45 pm to 09:15 pm
Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre
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If you walked into a classroom and asked the children who could paint, all hands would immediately shoot up - me! me! Would you get the same response if we asked the same group 20 years later, when they are all fully grown? Probably not - at most you would get only one or two grudging hands. So what has happened in those intervening years? Quite simply, as we grow up our developed mind has come to the fore, with its ideas and limitations about what we can and cannot do. In this creative workshop we explore how to recapture that spontaneity and experience the joy of creating.


Rather than pondering about our next stroke or trying to think ahead to what the finished product will look like, we will practice painting spontaneously from the heart's inner feeling, and watching how that inner feeling transforms itself into a beautiful creation on paper. We will also offer some short meditative exercises to bypass the limiting mind and enter directly into the vastness of the heart.

This course is inspired by the artistic philosophy of Sri Chinmoy , who has been expressing his inner awareness through art for the past thirty years. To date, he has painted over 200,000 mystical paintings in a style he refers to as 'Jharna-Kala' - this term means 'fountain-art', and refers to the manner in which his art flows from an inner source. In 1991 he began a series of drawings depicting the limitless freedom of the human soul in the form of birds - to date these 'soul-birds' number over 15 million.

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