Record breaking adventures...with popcorn!

Record breaking adventures...with popcorn!

Colm Magee and Ambarish Keenan were amongst a team drawn from over 20 countries around the world aiming to break the 20-foot record mark for the tallest popcorn structure by a whole seven meters. The aim: to create a 27-foot high cake by August 27, in time to present to renowned spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy on the occasion of his 75th birthday, made only out of popcorn bound together with dissolved sugar and palmoil.

Popcorn cake construction

The 55-strong team spent more almost two weeks constructing the 5440kg structure, dealing with problems ranging from trying to source enough popcorn, to very un-New York rain showers which made working conditions very difficult indeed during the final stages of construction. The cake itself was five layers high, and was topped with a popcorn statue by noted sculptor, Kaivalya Torpy.

The cake was built during a gathering of 1,500 of Sri Chinmoy's students in New York, one of the thrice-yearly opportunities for students to visit their teacher in his home town. Around this time, there are meditation functions twice a day, but also musical performances, inspiring plays, in fact there's something going on to suit every musical, artistic or athletic temperament.

This is not the first time members of the Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre have helped Ashrita in his record-breaking quest:

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