The play's the thing....

Every so often some of the Dublin centre put on plays for the rest of the group, plays that are both entertaining and enlightening....

The play's the thing....

stars by Ed Silverton

During our twice-weekly meditation, each of us go deep within on a voyage of self-discovery, striving to bring out the peace and joy that lies within our true nature. It is a journey that aims to go beyond the confines of the human mind and venture into the realms of the heart and the soul, so the mind naturally has some resistance to this happening! It is hence a nice thing every couple of weeks to have a short play as a lighter complement to the intensity of meditation practice.

Often these plays are performed with very quickly-put together costumes, and a rehearsal schedule of ten minutes before the play start, but this only adds to the joy, and it is surprising how well the plays turn out regardless. Our subject matter is usually one of the many stories Sri Chinmoy has related over the years, from Eastern mythological stories and tales of great spiritual Masters, to simple charming village tales. As well as being entertained, we also get tremendous inspiration from reliving the lives and deeds of some of the great spiritual figures over the years, and relating the love and compassion reflected in their words and deeds.

Some plays performed so far:

  • A Universal Heart of Sympathy

    A play about the great Indian spiritual figure, Swami Vivekananda, who lived in the latter part of the 19th century. His visit to the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893 is considered a landmark event in the arrival of Eastern philosophy to the West.

  • The Boil Illumination

    This short play is based on one of the many stories Sri Chinmoy has written over the years.

The play's the thing.... - Irish Sri Chinmoy Centre


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