Our new newsletter and our first concert!

January 2008 saw us kick off the new year with a new newsletter and the first of what we hope will be many concerts...

Our new newsletter and our first concert!The Dublin Centre launched our first issue of Paramananda - a fortnightly (we hope) newsletter giving the latest news and activities in the Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre. The name means 'heavenly delight' and we'll do our best to serve up as much of that as we can in this and forthcoming issues.

Our first concert!!!!

The Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre gave their first concert of the year on the last Friday of the months. The concert, consisting of instrumental and choral arrangements of Sri Chnmoy's mantric songs lasted about 40 minutes. whereupon we gave the audience a chance to join in too, which they did with great gusto. There was a very special atmosphere created during this concert which the members of the audience remarked on afterwards.

We hope to start giving concerts at least every month, and introduce a wider audience to the soul-stirring beauty of Sri Chinmoy's music.