Spirituality for today's world

Free meditation classes, concerts and events - mainly in Dublin, but sometimes in Cork and Galway.

Spirituality for today's world: Free meditation classes, concerts and events - mainly in Dublin, but sometimes in Cork and Galway.

Who we are

  • We practice meditation and the inner life, guided by the teachings of Sri Chinmoy - a genuine God-realised (or enlightened) spriritual Master.
  • As part of our own spiritual practice, we share the gift of meditation by offering classes, workshops and concerts. more »

Music awakens our inner being

In the Dublin Centre, we offer regular concerts of meditative music and mantras. In addition, members of our Centre founded and run the Gandharva Loka world music store on Dublin's George's St, inspired by Sri Chinmoy's love of music - see gandharvaloka.ie »

Mangala's group is an international singing group headed by Mangala from the Dublin Centre


Sadanand Magee has been giving concerts with his friend Kanala Auer all over Europe and Russia

Our members around the world

As well as Ireland, there are Sri Chinmoy Centres in over 50 countries, with members from all walks of life.


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