October news

Mediation classes with a Canadian touch, plus a very sweet and soulful concert....

Shishir comes to town

The Dublin Centre was treated to a visit from Shishir Pauk from snowy Winnipeg in Canada, who came to give our October Workshop. Shishir has been a student of Sri Chinmoy for 29 years, and regularly travels through the world giving meditation classes.

Shishir's classes were a real joy to behold and he certainly has a unique perspective on things - you ever cared to analyze the life of Arnold Schwarzenneger from a spiritual perspective, or find out how a Peugeot 506 can be a life threatening obstacle to your meditation, then Shishir had all the answers for you!

Throughout the class, he modestly introduced his topics in such understated terms as "Now were going to talk about...The secrets of the Universe!" and "Next we're going to have the Grand-Finale, blow-you-away, final meditation" (which, it must be said, definitely lived up to its billing) The audience loved his straight-from-the-heart style of talking, and I think everyone headed home smiling and lighter in mind and step. We hope it won't be too long before he graces our shores again with his humour and love of life.

Music of the heart

After Shishir's weekend classes, we decided to hold a spontaneous concert of meditation music for the public the following Friday. It has been a few months since we last gave one, and we almost forgot how much fun they were! The crowd was not as big as previous concerts we held, however they were tremendously appreciative, and it was a very nice experience for everyone. We hope now to add a few more songs to our repertoire and hold more concerts very soon.