Free meditation courses in Dublin city centre

New classes beginning every month...

Topics covered in our meditation classes:

  • Many different practical meditation exercises - breathing, music, visualisations and mantras.
  • Meditation on the heart centre - that space in the middle of your chest where you feel a sense of 'self'...
  • How to meditate effectively in today's busy world.

What people have been saying about our classes:

"Very insightful, well-taught classes. I find the group meditation to be very supportive as opposed to individual meditation"

   - Niall, Dublin

"A very good introduction in what meditation is all about. Explained in a very informative way and always open to questions/answers. Helpful books and CD's available to purchase to put you on theright road. Well done."

 - Christine, Kilmainham

"I particularly enjoyed the group's meditative music session!"

   - Ron, Tallaght

All our events are offered to the public free of charge by members of the Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre at the request of our meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy, in the belief that self-discovery is our birthright and not a commodity to be bought or sold. 

We give classes in various venues throughout Dublin - for dates and venues of our next course, please get in touch via our contact form

We also give occasional classes in Cork and Galway.