Vegetarian eating: Food for the Inner Quest

Once you start meditating, you become conscious of things affecting your state of well-being that you previously were unaware of, including what you eat......


Sri Chinmoy asks those who would like to become his students to move away from eating meat, to avoid taking in the restless and agressive qualities it embodies. We have included here some of his writings on the role of a vegetarian diet in his spiritual philosophy and its importance to a spiritual aspirant.

Vegetarian eating...made easy!

 In our introductory meditation classes, we encounter many people who would like to explore a vegetarian diet but who have worries about nutrition or simply don't know what to put on the dinner plate in place of meat.

Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre has put together a guide with answers, simple recipes and an index to vegetarian Dublin! To download the guide in Microsoft Word format, click here...

The guide has recipes for busy schedules as well as suggestions for the adventurous ones wanting to explore the possibilities of a vegetarian diet.
It also answers the following common questions:

What can I put instead of meat on the dinner table?

Isn't a vegetarian diet lacking in protein and iron?


Here are a few links which we ourselves have found very useful: – website of the U.K. Vegetarian Society. Very well done, with loads of information and support for those just embarking on the vegetarian adventure. – Website of the Irish Vegetarian Society.