Music and Singing

After meditation, soulful music is the next most effective way to go into the heart and get in touch with your deeper nature. There are many music-lovers in the Dublin Centre, and at our Centre meditations usually take place with some of Sri Chinmoy's music playing - it takes much of the 'effort' out of meditating when one can just listen to such soulful music with the heart. 

Many students of Sri Chinmoy enhance their morning meditation by singing a few of the vast number songs he has composed over the years, and they find that soulful singing can sometimes quiet a restless mind at times where silent meditation has not succeeded.  Many of the larger Sri Chinmoy Centres have singing groups accompanied by instruments that record CD's and perform concerts in their own countries and internationally.

A mantric song

This is a song we sometimes teach to people in our classes, along with a musical arrangement by Ananda,  a music group from UK and Ireland.