Festival of Meditation

Dublin's now-established annual ‘Festival of Meditation’ took place this June, with eight days of events in three different venues attended by approximately 325 people. The festival included talks, workshops and a public concert of meditation music with two international groups. The concert featured guided meditations and mantras so that the public could join in.

Mangala's group

Ashru Dhara

The concert groups

Both of the groups have played meditation concerts in many countries, and are very popular with audiences.

Mangala's Group - an international female singing group led by Mangala from the Dublin Centre

Ashru Dhara - male instrumental group from the Netherlands, Germany, France and Ireland.

The festival also included a weekend workshop on sports and meditation given by guest speaker, Abhinabha Tangerman from Amsterdam. Abhinabha has a 2:27 marathon personal best, and has recently entered the world of Guinness record-breaking, setting records in unique disciplines such as one-handed clapping and keeping balloons in the air. 

The week finished up with an Evening of Music & Mantras which incorporated excerpts from Sri Chinmoy’s book ‘The Source of Music’

As the event was considerably over-subscribed, a follow-up week of introductory classes were organised which are currently on-going.

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