If I were a book, what would my title be? - a creative project

Sri Chinmoy asked his students to meet together frequently for meditation, spiritual activities and fun that he called Joy-Days. Very often, these happen over a weekend when people from all the Sri Chinmoy Centres in a country, or even in different countries, can come together.

On one such recent weekend in Co Wicklow, Ireland, students of Sri Chinmoy from Ireland and England came together. As part of the weekend, different members engaged in a spontaneous creativity project given the simple question 'If I were a book, what would my title be?'. Ambarish from the Dublin Centre collected all of these questions and made some charming videos, which you can see below:

Whatever we do in life — whether we are praying, talking to our friends or participating in sports — we are trying to receive joy at every moment. But joy we can have only when we have a peaceful life. We are all longing for joy, and joy abides only in peace. At every moment we are given the opportunity to feel peace in the depths of our heart on the strength of our prayer-life and our meditation-life.

Sri Chinmoy 1

Some of the participants in a recent Joy Day in Co.Wicklow


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