Where it always had wanted me to be

by Yasovati Steirer
Graz, Austria

yasovati.jpgMy name is Yasovati. I am 75 years old and work a few hours a day in a store in Graz run by Sri Chinmoy's students. I was first directed towards meditation by a severe illness that signaled a need for change. I joined a meditation group, and read everything necessary to become settled in that group and learned many things, but I was still searching for true happiness.

One day I saw a poster about a meditation workshop given by a disciple of Sri Chinmoy. At the workshop I felt something completely new: bubbling joy that only kept growing. My mind had many reservations. I thought, what am I getting myself into? Thank God my heart was stronger – it immediately said yes to everything!

The most beautiful time of my life began, probably because my soul had finally got me where it always had wanted me to be: in the care of my Master Sri Chinmoy, whose love, compassion and concern I have no words to describe. Sri Chinmoy teaches in silence, inwardly, but one can feel that many things are happening.

I have learnt much from Sri Chinmoy, had many experiences, seen new things, discarded old ways. It is a long process. It takes a while for our own imperfections to become so evident that we are ready to give them up. The Master enables us to work towards our own transformation, and that is very satisfying. We just have to be aware that it is a constant up-and-down movement. One does not become good overnight. Patience, discipline, perseverance and determination: these qualities we need in abundant measure.  

He has also brought to the fore my gratitude while making me see and feel how he is changing my bad qualities into good ones. It is the most beautiful experience of my life to have seen and known a being who embodies my highest ideals, is unparalleled in beauty, purity and sincerity in all his actions, goes beyond all boundaries and cannot be conceived and ascertained by our mind. I am infinitely grateful to know that I have been under the wise guidance of this wonderful Master, Sri Chinmoy, for over 20 years.

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