First steps on the Spiritual Path


These stories written by disciples of Sri Chinmoy from all over the world relate the diverse range of experiences that drew them to Sri Chinmoy's path.


Video: Lunthita Duthely recalls her first impressions of Sri Chinmoy's philosophy

Databir Watters. New York, US.

Databir describes the spiritual experiences which led him to a spiritual path and his guru Sri Chinmoy.
     "...I wanted to make sure that Guru was the same as my experience on the boat, so I asked Guru inwardly to show me...." Read More »


Sarama Minoli. New York, US.
Sarama describes her early experiences with yoga and meditation, and her first meditation with Sri Chinmoy.
"Considering that I entered this world as a fourth generation atheist, who would have predicted a future in the spiritual life for me?".... Read More »

Video: Muslim Badami from Auckland talks about how the religious upbringing of his childhood evolved into the spirituality he practises today.


Pranam Horlbeck - Zurich, Switzerland
"I felt in my heart that there must be more to life than just fulfilling the desires of the outer world... I saw a poster with a smiling picture of Sri Chinmoy and an aphorism, something about paradise being a state of consciousness. I immediately felt: this man is really happy – I want that happiness, too"  Read more »


Antaranga Gressenich - Munich, Germany
"God provided me with a clear mind and the ability to understand that power can change situations for a while, but that real and lasting change will start only when human beings feel more sympathy and love in their hearts and start to share. But how could I help to bring about this change?" . Read More »


Sipra Lloyd - Adelaide, Australia
Sipra talks about becoming Sri Chinmoy's student back in the 1970's, the various spiritual enterprises she has worked in over the years, and some of the inner and outer experiences she has had with Sri Chinmoy. Read More »


Anandashru Elliott - Auckland, New Zealand
Anandashru describes a spontaneous spiritual experience that set her on her spiritual journey.
     "I saw how all things are connected and that love is the key, and I was swept along and upward in a joyous unfolding vision of how this could blossom into Heaven on earth one day...Read More »

Stories from other sites


Sumangali Morhall - York, GB
"I cannot account for my good fortune. I am small and full of imperfection, but divine love touches all creation like the fingers of the sun. Luckily we need not wait to deserve it..." Read more at Learning to Live on


Snatak Matthiasson - Reykjavik, Iceland
Interviewed by Utpal Marshall on

       "There were moments there when I just knew I had found the real thing...Read article »

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