Auckland Joy Weekend

Meditation: Solitary? Secluded? A retreat from the world? A life of austerities, spiritual disciplines and world renunciation? FAR FROM IT!!!

We were all geared up, ready for action. The frizbees, volleyballs and tennis rackets perched out front, running shoes cleaned and swimming gear retrieved from a winter of neglect. Every spare inch of floor space was now taken up by mattresses in houses around Auckland, in preparation for 100 of our friends visiting from Christchurch, Dunedin , Wellington, Taupo and Geelong, Australia. This was the annual and highly anticipated International Joy weekend at the Sri Chinmoy centre in Auckland.

Joy weekends are a frequent occurrence in the Sri Chinmoy Centres. They are treasured times in our busy lives where there is no other purpose than to have 100% pure joy. Spending a weekend with so many other people who also meditate and have an awareness of spirituality , with the same positive and enthusiastic attitude to life, has a profound effect on one’s own aspiration...

Friday night was approaching fast and still many last minute preparations were needed. Our two vegetarian cafés in Auckland owned and run by meditation students of Sri Chinmoy were humming with activity with all hands on deck as they prepared to feed us all delicious meals for the next three days.

Meanwhile, back in the peaceful abode of the meditation centre in K’Rd, singing performances were being rehearsed, instruments tuned and plays practiced in preparation for the evening meditation nights. Ranging from very soulful singing, lively and innovative instrumental performances, Sri Chinmoy's poems being read out to music, to the most hilarious plays having us all in uncontrollable laughter!

During all joy weekends there is a constant buzz of happiness and joy. Sri Chinmoy reminds us that the purpose of joy weekends, along with having joy and receiving inspiration from each other, is to feel young at heart, no matter how old we are. Living in the heart with spontaneity, simplicity and enthusiasm is extremely beneficial to our lives and our personal growth.

The many unique individuals who are students of Sri Chinmoy’s all have so much inspiration to offer. There are some extremely talented musicians, excellent artists, fast and determined runners, soulful and serene meditators and all friendly and genuinely happy people. After every joy weekend I definitely feel a shift in consciousness and an intensified aspiration for progress in my own life…

Well, it had finally arrived. The next three days of fun-filled action. Running, walking, swimming in waterfalls, playing in the surf at Muriwhai, orienteering adventures through sand dunes, bush explorations, frequent meditations in the soul-stirring vistas of nature, delicious meals, laughter, friendship, meditation nights, singing, plays and shared aspiration. But above all, complete and utter joy, a deep contentment for life and an inner happiness and fulfilment growing stronger by the second.

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