A Great Way To Start The Day

Running… out onto the fog-laden street. My cold limbs reluctantly awake.

I pass school children waiting at the bus stop, and cross the road lying dormant before the rush of day. Another jogger with his dog run past, we exchange eye contact as we run on our separate ways. A bus full of school children laughing and playing, heaves up the road breathing a smoky sigh. A cute little girl is looking out at me. I wave. She smiles.


I run on, faster now. A feeling of gratitude spontaneously fills me, for my life, for simplicity. For this joy I get from running. I increase my pace. Rhythm and momentum have taken over. My legs on automatic pilot stretch out and fly back. Little effort is needed bar my lungs, tested by the cold. An electric current is tormenting through me. Faster I must run to release this energy. Where does it come from? I am flying now. Over the busy bridge I bound, weaving between early morning work goers. Some smile. Some deep in thought. All with their own incentives to be out this chill-bitten morning. My imagination kicks in and I find myself carving down the slopes of the Swiss Alps. It is now snow-dusted trees that I slalom my way through. Or maybe I am running along Muriwhai Beach, into the endless vastness as far as I can see. The waves rolling in beside me… until I reach the green relief of the mid-city park.

Into the park I bound. Past other runners. We smile a knowing smile. All sharing a common secret – nothing tops a good run! Down the steps into the forest. My feet instinctively avoid all danger. Lucky ‘cause there is no time for careful consideration. Rocks, tree roots and mud puddles abundantly tempt fate… not today!

Back onto the street among city life again. It is busier now as the day launches forward. I notice less. My concentration turned inwards. Dynamic energy flowing forth. Again a feeling of gratitude suddenly engulfs me. For my limbs carrying me fast and injury free. For this fantastic feeling I have. Even for the motivation to be out here on this cold morning, away from my warm bed, which nearly won the lethargy battle this morning! Thank God it didn’t! Now I feel on top of the world!

~ Today will be a great day! ~

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