Asking questions to one's spiritual Master

One of my friends has had the opportunity to spend long hours alone driving with Sri Chinmoy, our spiritual Master. Nevertheless, often he felt better not to distract the Master with his personal questions, and rather preferred to leave the Master to do what was necessary inwardly, and if outer action was necessary, that it should happen mostly by the Master's own initiative. Only rarely he would start a conversation.

One time, however, he asked a meta-question: when we do not want to ask Guru something on the outer plane, how to get answers to our questions? Guru replied that we could write down a letter in a detailed way with our ideas and feelings and place it on our shrines.

One time, I had a will to surrender one of my imperfections, but it was so recalcitrant! I wrote a letter sitting on my shrine. By the time I finished writing the letter and decided to do a short meditation, the problem was totally gone!

Later on, I noticed that it came back slowly. By then I had realised that not only I needed special grace to have it removed, but that in the future this grace would also show me how to gradually change my life in such a way that this imperfection would not find its way back. So I had two lessons with one question, two boons with one prayer! Who would dare say that we do the work and God gives the finishing touches?