In the Master's presence

When I became a disciple of Sri Chinmoy, I felt that whatever inner guidance I could get from within had increased manifold in quantity, quality, clearness and purpose. This inner guidance would come in the form of inspiration to do something, a practical ideal or an unexplained urge to be somewhere. The more I listened to that inner guidance, the more often I could hear it, and the more harmonious, fulfilling, interesting and filled with purpose my life became. The more I meditated with my Master's picture, the better my day became. I would suddenly remember very important things I had forgotten after looking at his picture for a minute. A tiny fount of gratitude was welling up in my heart. This tiny grateful feeling that I felt also helped me to feel close to him and loved by God.

Mind you that I lived over 7.000km away from my Master.

Yet I felt him walk with me on the streets, visiting the market with me, helping me with my homework, running with me in the morning, putting me to sleep in the evening.

Two years after becoming his student, I had the chance to see him in person.

I did not have any expectation - I already knew how much he loved me from those two years. When I did really see him, there was no outer spiritual experience such as seeing light, etc. It was a mere continuation of what I felt at home everyday. (But it was definitely more fun!) Guru was not only a real spiritual Master, but also finely developed in every human qualitiy - intelligent, polite, spontaneous, fun, powerful, tireless, inspiring, loving, sweet, caring, etc.

I never felt like asking him personally or by letter any question abouy my spiritual life. They have been answered daily during my meditation, during my working hours, during my sleep and my readings. The two years of physical distance only made me feel for sure that he was my Master and I only pray I can be his disciple for all the years that now follow.