Maestro Sri Chinmoy

Since 1984, Sri Chinmoy has performed his prayerful music free of charge, at over 600 concerts worldwide. During these concerts, Sri Chinmoy plays his own compositions and improvises on a variety of Eastern and Western instruments. He usually performs on a dozen different instruments and, on occasion, has played up to 150 instruments in a single concert.

His music and songs are composed and performed in a meditative mood. While his performances on Western flute and Indian esraj evoke an atmosphere of profound and fulfilling peace, his astonishing keyboard improvisations manifest a most dynamic spiritual energy.

A reporter for the French newspaper Le Monde wrote: "One had the feeling that the audience had come not only for the music, but also for what was between the compositions, that is, the inner peace that the sounds only served to prolong."

Sri Chinmoy's concert venues have included the Royal Albert Hall of London, New York's Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall, San Francisco's Davies Hall, Tokyo's Nippon Budokan, and the Sydney Opera House.