August Celebrations 2017

August Celebrations was very good. Amongst the usual program of functions, concerts and annual marathon, there were a few anniversaries, which included the 40th anniversary of:

  • Guru’s tennis,
  • Everest Aspiration
  • Founding of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.

Sri Chinmoy Tennis

Sri Chinmoy playing tennis

It was good to hear older disciples talk about their experiences and reminiscences from these days. It evoked a feeling of when the Master was in the physical be it playing tennis, giving extemporaneous talks or running the streets of Queens and encouraging others to do the same.

A spiritual Master comes to sow spiritual seeds; seeds which usually take many years, if not centuries to fully germinate and sprout. Perhaps in centuries to come, there will be a widespread reverence for the immortal talks of Everest Aspiration and wonderment a spiritual Master spent so many hours on a tennis court.

But, while some aspects of Guru’s mission may take many years to come to the fore, the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team has been quick to offer a real contribution to the world of sporting endeavour. In 1977, ultra running was very much in its infancy; who could have predicted 40 years later, we would would see the 20th edition of a 3100 Mile race?

One video I liked was a portrayal of Snatak entitled “The Seeker”. As you may know, Snatak has a form of motor neurone disease. Despite increasing physical challenges, which would confine most people to their house, Snatak has been a glowing and inspiring presence on many events from the Christmas Trip to every celebrations. Snatak is a powerful example of how spiritual faith can overcome the limitations of the physical existence. It is also perhaps a gentle reminder that our excuses for not been able to travel, pale into insignificance when you consider barriers overcome by Snatak and team.


Oneness-Dream, a singing group dedicated to songs of Sri Chinmoy, is the creation of Snatak. This is a slideshow from a recent tour in Tuscany, Italy.

Apart from these notable events and anniversaries, celebrations is a welcome opportunity to revitalise your practice of meditation and catch up with friends old and new. The only difficulty is the contrast of coming back to your everyday world - where the pressures of the world re-appear, but that reminder of a more tangible feeling of spiritual consciousness from celebrations is a welcome boost to keep you going until the next opportunity.

Photo top right: Kedar


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