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We mainly give classes in Dublin, and sometimes in Cork and Galway.

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Sri Chinmoy

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Let's Meditate Dublin

A week of meditation events organised by the Sri Chinmoy Centre

3-Day Midweek Meditation Courses
19th, 20th & 21st April

  • Early Bird Course 7.45-8.45am
  • Lunch Time Course 1-1.50pm
  • Evening Course 7.30-9pm

Talk: Sport and Meditation
Monday, 18th April, 7.30pm-9pm

An Evening of Music, Mantras and Meditation
Friday, 22nd April, 7pm-8.30pm

Weekend Workshop
Saturday, 23rd April, 10.30am-1pm (with break)

Concert of Meditative Music
Sunday, 24th April, 4.30pm

Classes are given by :

  • Jogyata Dallas lives in New Zealand and has taught meditation for over thirty years in many countries. He is an author of three books on the subject and a keen marathoner.
  • Prachar Stegemann lives in Australia. He is classical pianist, writer and sporting event manager. Both have practised meditation under the guidance of Spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy for over three decades.

The Sri Chinmoy Centre provides free meditation classes, as well as organising several unique grassroots initiatives to promote world harmony and the exploration of our true human potential. The centre is run by students of Sri Chinmoy, a modern day spiritual Master, poet and philosopher. Bringing together the best of Eastern wisdom and Western dynamism in his teachings, Sri Chinmoy devoted his life to inspiring his fellow world-citizens towards the dream of a better and more beautiful world until his passing in October 2007.