Impressions of Ireland

Upon his return from his very first European lecture tour, Sri Chinmoy spoke to his Puerto Rican students about his impressions of Ireland.

...Then we went to Ireland. In Ireland, we had the greatest success of all. Ireland took me immediately as its very own. The press was very courteous, very sympathetic and understanding. Everything they wrote was full of appreciative understanding.

I gave a talk at Trinity College in Dublin. It was wonderful. All of a sudden, a divine inspiration entered into Alo. This was before the press came. Her inspiration was to go personally to three different newspapers and tell them about me. Naturally they wanted to see me, so she invited them to my hotel. My room was on the sixth floor and the tiny elevator was not working. They didn't mind. They climbed up six flights of stairs, huffing and puffing. These reporters came with deep respect and interviewed me very politely, from three papers.

There I saw a real fight amongst the photographers of the various newspapers. One photographer asked me to take this pose and the other one said, "No, we want him to take a better pose." The third one said, "No, no, no, those poses don't show his Indian robes to their best advantage. I want him to stand this way, not sit that way." At one point they were actually fighting. Different photographers from different newspapers finally decided to each take their own photos. So in three newspapers there are totally different pictures. You have seen the cuttings.

Very, very nice articles they was so sweet and moving. To get back to the University of Dublin; they asked me sincere, very sincere questions.

By the way, you know that Swami Vivekananda's greatest disciple, Sister Nivedita, was born in Ireland. Her original name was Margaret Noble. So I told the audience a few things about her and about Swami Vivekananda's teachings. They were very struck by my comments as they had totally, as a country almost, forgotten about Sister Nivedita. But in India, she has always been deeply admired for her spirituality and sacrifice... a most significantly special trip, this one to Ireland and the University of Dublin.

The Master Speaks To The Puerto Rican Disciples, Part 2 by Sri Chinmoy.