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Sri Chinmoy has thousands of students all over the world, each with their own unique capacities and means through which they can make spiritual progress...

Some prefer to spend more time than others sitting in their meditation space, others like to challenge their capacities in running or swimming, still others find their home in singing, painting, photography, drama and the creative sphere. Others find their fulfilment in pulling together with other students to accomplish one of the many projects the Sri Chinmoy Centre have initiated as a service to their community or the world at large - for example giving meditation classes or organising humanitarian aid.

In these homepages you will find Irish students of Sri Chinmoy relating their experiences and describing the doors that have opened up to them since they embarked on their journey of self-discovery.


Shane - picture

Nirbhasa's website

"I suppose I've always been looking for the hidden Truth underlying all things..."

Ambarish's website

"Most people looking back see their lives as a series of moments in time joined by a vague thread which they understand to be their destiny or goal...."

Rajnandini's website

"The philosophy and teachings of Sri Chinmoy are inspiring and practical and have helped me to see the richness and fullness of life..."
Mangala - picture

Mangala's website

"Being an artist and architect, I prefer to let pictures speak rather than words..."

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