Iron and protein sources

Question:But didn't I read somewhere that there wasn’t enough iron or protein in a vegetarian diet?

Well, the main reason for the iron deficiency is that nobody (vegetarian or otherwise) eats enough fresh green vegetables like broccoli or spinach which would more than compensate for the iron lost by giving up meat. However, if you can’t bring yourself to eat your greens, then iron can be obtained in supplement form.

As regards the protein: In addition to the dinner options above, you could also try introducing more eggs, milk and cheese into your diet – omelettes and cheese toppings on the dinner, for example.

Another source of protein that is very much overlooked is nuts. Nuts also happen to be full of monounsaturated fats, which many health food experts reckon we can’t get enough of. Try putting some on the cereal in the morning, or carrying some around with you if you’re fond of snacking.