Breaking the 'strength' myth

Question: But a vegetarian diet doesn’t give you enough strength…..

As Sri Chinmoy says “it is not meat that gives you strength, but your idea about meat that gives you strength”.

Many people have found that the switch to vegetarianism, gave them added vitality and ‘lightness’- and rid them of feeling like they had a bowling ball in their stomach after mealtimes.  The health benefits are manifold – vegetarians typically have a diet with less saturated fat and cholesterol, higher fibre intake, and a stronger immune system, and in fact outlive non-vegetarians by six years on average.

A vegetarian diet in no way inhibits ability to undertake strenuous physical activity – this year’s Sri Chinmoy 3100 Mile Self-Transcendence race (the world’s longest certified road race) was run solely by vegetarians.